Behind the name

What started 25 years ago as a young man’s dream who loved travelling the world and was a great admirer of handcrafted art, Sharma & Sons, is today leading in designing and crafting exquisite, handcrafted Venetian, Murano mirrors & furnitures. His love for antiquity and culture has today contributed to preservation of an art that we might have lost somewhere in history. Venetian styled mirrors are renowned for their heavily decorative and antique designs. Being metal mirrors that are valued for their great reflective qualities and high-quality work, Venetian mirrors demand an expertise that only few possess.

Born in the tiny island of Murano, in Venice in Italy, these masterpieces were painstakingly crafted by hands. The manufacturing process involves sequential laborious processes and can take days to get to the final stunning product. But what you get in the end is an incomparable masterpiece. Over time this heritage of crafting Venetian Mirrors became a rarity and today only a few makers of these mirrors using the original handcrafting process remain, one of them being Sharma & Sons.

At Sharma & Sons, our ,mirrors & furnitures are carefully handcrafted here in India using traditional processes that were followed in Murano. We draw great inspiration from classical Venetian art and designs like Rococo scroll motifs, flowers, fruiting vines, and various leaf designs. Our artists are sent to Venice to get trained in the process using original techniques. We believe in preserving the authenticity of art and supreme craftsmanship behind these mirrors while taking a step ahead in innovating better techniques.

Over the years, we have developed our own distinctive techniques that help in production of these mirrors in finest quality and lesser time. Although, every piece is handcrafted, our expertise over past 25 years and superior techniques have also rendered the pieces much cheaper than those produced in other parts of the world. Sharma & Sons is a name now synonymous with authenticity, innovation and skilled craftsmanship. Each product template is designed by creative experts graphically and then the glass is hand cut and polished. The designs range from classical Venetian art to a fusion of classical and contemporary to suit modern tastes. Every product is creatively designed and painstakingly crafted into a finished piece that is unmatched in quality and look. This is why Sharma & Sons Venetian and Murano mirrors are highly sought-after around the globe.

At Sharma & Sons, every mirror tells a story!

Craftsman of Furniture

Sharma & Sons is a renowned Venetian and Murano Mirrors designer and producer in Central India that exports these mirrors world over in finest quality. We take care of the entire product from conception to delivery. Our masters of the craft artfully design every piece and bring them to life by using their expertise in engraving the delicate floral designs that involves application of varying degrees of pressure, angle and direction in clockwork precision. Thereafter, using traditional methods, the glass is polished skilfully to ensure the distinctive reflective brilliance that Venetian Mirrors are prized for. Our team is adept in expertly guiding you throughout the process so that you get what you desired for in your Venetian Mirror.

We take great pride in our quality and design and are confident that you will be its equally proud owner

Quality that builds trust

Quality control is the key to Sharma & Sons’ excellence as producers of standard Venetian Mirrors. We use superior quality raw materials and invest in quality assurance where every piece is inspected for its reflectivity and design. Being family-owned is our biggest strength which helps in personally guiding the artisans and inspecting the mirrors even in large-scale production. We also maintain great standards of aesthetics so that the creative vision of the client is preserved. Our styles are up to date ranging from classic, old contemporary to modern contemporary. We also add new styles to our kitty and improvise on designs.

Quality is never an accident. It is the result of intelligent effort.
- John Ruskin

Custom approach to suit your tastes

Every customer is a spark of inspiration to us. This is why we don’t believe in taking only bulk orders, but also cater to single mirror demands. We deliver single orders to bulk orders of hundreds or thousands. We collaborate with you to develop your idea for a specific project from design to production. Our rich, global experience and eye for detail helps in recreating your vision into a stunning Venetian mirror. Our skilled craftsmen do every carving, engraving, detailing and polishing by hand which gives the mirror a finishing that no machine can aspire for!

Customers can either choose from our range of designs - classical, modern or contemporary or customize their own. Since the mirrors are entirely handcrafted, we can give our customers all the freedom of choosing the size, shape and design of their Venetian Mirror. Customer satisfaction or custom creative approach is our philosophy. And hence, every mirror at Sharma & Sons is crafted with the love, care and inspiration it truly deserves!

Real luxury, is customization.
- Lapo Elkann

Supply chain driven

Production of the Mirrors & Furnitures at Sharma & Sons is a streamlined process starting from the first request to final production. This helps us to keep you updated about the progress of your order up to delivery. It also minimizes potential for errors and helps clients keep track of their order. The supply depends on the order from a single piece order to bulk orders. Since every mirror is handcrafted, bulk orders take longer to be delivered. We follow timelines with clockwork precision and try to deliver as promised with no compromise on the quality our clients expect. Our mirrors are demanded for and delivered throughout the world.

Standard packaging allows safe delivery

When it comes to shipping delicate products like Venetian Mirrors, packaging is of utmost importance. We take special care in packaging all our mirrors as per standard packaging norms using Grade “A” quality of packing material. Our highly proficient support personnel follow two methods of packaging - one is a standard packaging and other follows American standard of packaging. We assure 99.99% safety of your mirrors during shipping. All the mirrors are quality checked prior to packaging. In case of any damage to the mirrors during shipping, we guarantee replacement of the mirror or part free of cost.

Committed to eco-friendliness and equality

At Sharma & Sons, we apply the highest standards to our work and comply with all safety and environmental regulations. We believe that good business is not about exploiting the environment, but protecting it. Preserving our own territory and respecting environment is considered an essential value. Sharma & Sons therefore invests heavily in using good quality, eco-friendly materials and techniques and does rigorous product testing to ensure consumer safety. Analysis of energy consumptions, reduction of toxic wastes and agents and recycling materials are the regular norms followed in our industry.

We also are committed to treating our team members fairly and work in their best interest. We believe in working together in harmony irrespective of caste or creed and help artisan communities thrive.

Being green is more than just buying ‘eco’. It is an unshakable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.
- Jennifer Nini